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Discover how the results of the Restoration Workforce Survey transforms your company’s:

  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Team Culture
  • Retention

with an exclusive workshop for
your management team

What does the data from the Restoration Workforce Survey change?


From where you find your next hire to how quickly you promote them, today’s workeris demanding nothing less than a complete overhaul of “the way things are done”.

Book an exclusive, data-driven workshop for your leadership team where you’ll discover:

The shifting age and gender trends in the restoration industry - and how they affect your hiring process

What each age group, and job role, is looking for in an employer

What employees are craving during their first two weeks on the job

Why workers quit, and what can be done to turn your best employees into referral machines

Select the Best Workshop for Your Team

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    45-minute, pre-recorded dynamic virtual presentation of the results and implications of the Restoration Workforce Survey

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    Digital copy of Why Workers Quit for all attendees

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    45-minute, dynamic live virtual presentation of the results and implications of the Restoration Workforce Survey

  • 30-minute question & answer session with the speaker

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  • 6 physical copies of Why Workers Quit ($180 value)

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  • Additional copies of Why Workers Quit can be purchased for $30/book + shipping

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    Full day, in-person presentation and workshop or keynote followed by panel

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    20 physical copies of Why Workers Quit

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    Venue & catering costs additional

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    Speaker travel expenses additional

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Why Do Good People Leave Your Company?

If you’re sick of your best employees walking out the door,


Build a workplace that attracts and retains today’s worker

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